„Thank you for everything, but really! You are an incredibly professional team,, thank you for receiving such a service! If we can, we will recommend to whom we can!:)”
(Zsani and Gábor, venue: Port11)

„There is not so much to say, only thank you! All our ideas have surpassed the day! You've done all the superficiality of you! There was no guest who wouldn't have praised the cook and wouldn't mention that he hadn't eaten such fine at the wedding! The staff was very attentive, and after the eyes the throats did not stay dry.”
(Lilla, wedding venue: Babérliget Kúria)

„We are very grateful for the organization, the banquet manager and the excellent serving team, for making our day so memorable and wonderful - not just us, but spoiled all our guests.”
(Márti & Javier, venue: Rókusfalvy Estate)

„I'd like to thank you very much once again for your help and the whole team for their incredibly kind, courteous and, of course, professional work! All of the guests very pleased (no wonder they rarely receive such service!).”
(Eszter and Dávid, venue: Port11)

„Waldorf = the name is obligatory! This could only have been with you and the super colleagues we worked with. Without exception, the whole team did a great job, they were kind and attentive, and the guests said so! The couple is very satisfied and happy, thank you the perfect hospitality!”
(Csobán Éva wedding planner, venue: Playa Luna)

„Thank you, everything was fine, it was really professional! Congratulations on the almost invisible, polite team, high-quality organization and delicious food! I can only recommend it to others”
(Dorka and Dani, venue: Balatonakarattya, holiday home)

„We felt very good, everything was good from your part, as well! The banquet manager was working professionally, attentive and kind! This is the same for everyone else, so we will be happy to recommend you to anyone!”
(Szabina and Andris, venue: Playa Luna)

„We had a wonderful weekend and our wedding was like a dream. Babérliget's staff is professional, respectful and infinitely kind, which is unfortunately very rare today. The dishes are excellent, of course, not to mention the facilities of the house.”
(Blanka, venue: Babérliget Kúria)

„It is hard for me to put up with words how grateful we are for you! It's amazing what you did and how you did! You're much more than a catering service! So we really want to thank you very much, most of all for putting your heart in our Big Day! :)”
(Dorina and Andris, venue: Felcsút, Noll Farm)

„Once again a big köszönöm szépen for the nice party! All was perfect and we had an unforgettable wedding! :)”
(Anita és Jens, venue: Port11)

„Thank you once again - we received only positive feedback from the guests! Everything was really great. We hope that we can organize our gold wedding with you! :) ”
(Janie and Endre, venue: Pál-Völgyi Cave)

„Thank you to the Waldorf team for their excellent food, perfect service and kindness, flexibility and teamwork beyond their mission for the common goal! "”
(Nati and Peti, venue: Füvészkert)

„All in all, our wedding was very good, based on the feedback our guests felt very well, and we definitely had a determinative experience :) The weather didn't affect our mood at all! :) Thank you for adding to the success of the event, for smooth and good atmosphere, for the care of the guests. We are delighted that we have chosen Port11 as the venue for the day! :) ”
(Kriszti and Andris, venue: Port11)

„Thank you very much for everything! Our wedding has been very good and we are very happy! :) We are very happy to meet you and I will continue to recommend you with a peaceful heart because we were happy with everything.”
(Tibor, venue: Playa Luna)

„Thanks for the super execution and special thanks to the on-site team and waiters. They received a lot of praise from the guests! :) ”
(Dorka and Andris, venue: Playa Luna)

„We would like to thank you very much for all of you and the whole Waldorf team! The guests were very satisfied with the food (and you were right, the BBQ chicken was the most popular :)), everyone was very kind, flexible and helpful. It was a joy to celebrate with such a professional team! "”
(Noémi, venue: Buda, private house)

„I can only write one word about our whole stay and wedding: THANK YOU! We have had the experience of our life, we cannot be grateful enough to you!”
(Orsi, wedding venue: Babérliget Kuria)

„I would like to thank you for your help and organising work.I received many compliments from our guests about the organisation and the décor, but mostly about the dinner. The Waldorf team really put in the effort. I wish you many successful weddings in the future!”
(Detti, venue: Széchenyi Bath)

„All went smoothly during the evening. We were more than satisfied with the service, the food and the drinks. Everything tasted so good!”
(Bernát, venue: Ádám Villa)

„We were so satisfied with everything, the food was top notch, the waiters were very attentive, all in all, you are a professional team, hats off! :) We are so happy that we chose you! :)”
(Ancsi, venue Rókusfalvy Estate)

„I would like to thank you for your work which made the 10th June so beautiful for us. Each and every guest we asked about our wedding started their answer with how good the dinner was and that says a lot. Each and everyone.really. They could only talk about it in superlatives.”
(Andi, venue: Balatonszemes, open-air cinema)

„Please forward our huge thanks to the colleagues! Everything was simply perfect! The dinner was so delicious and the service was beyond expectations! The guests even “complained” that there was always someone around them to take care of them. :) Thank you for flawlessly coordinating the events!”
(Niki, venue: Podmaniczky Castle)

„We would like to express our thanks to every one of you for your dedication and hard work, which turned this beautiful sunny Saturday into the most wonderful day of our lives! Whoever we talked to from the guests, everybody, without exceptions, said that our wedding was the best and most beautiful they had ever seen. :)”
(Dóri and Levi, venue: Szent András Castle)

„It really was a perfect day and everybody had a great time. Thank you for your efforts, the dinner was such a success. :)”
(Reni, venue: Liszkay Wine Estate)

„We are glad that we chose you as our wedding catering service provider. Our guests (!) and other suppliers mentioned that you were kind, friendly and helpful on our Big Day and that you looked like a great team. Oh and they only said good things about the food. We are grateful for the chef and the team.”
(Erika and Misi, venue: Budaörs Airport)