Wedding catering Q&A

What does it mean: outdoor catering?
In case of well-established hospitality, we need to build a full kitchen for the particular location, ensuring the professional background, complying with health and regulatory requirements. In any case, we need to understand the differences between the restaurant and the outdoor catering, such as: device background, on-site facilities, staff background.
It is also a challenge, because we have to provide quality catering in a place that does not serve this purpose primarily - for example, in a meadow we have to provide quality as in a restaurant. So catering is a complex activity - all-round planning is important. In this case, there is no way to jump into the warehouse for a thing if it is out of stock.

If the food is not prepared on site, will the meals be placed as cold on the table?
Even in case of outdoor catering, the fresh food is prepared the same day, and freshly put on the table, as the finishing operations are carried out in the hinterland by the chef at the wedding venue. In order to provide the best quality, we use a variety of modern kitchen technology methods - whether it is sous vide, confit or vacuum. We have to think about everything, so we are preparing for the site with mobile kitchen utensils - for example: grill plates, ovens, deep fryers.

How is cooling done?
We come to the location with our own cooling cars, which are available for the whole duration of the wedding. The issue that couples often encounter in this regard is whether we can help cool the bridal and other cakes; the answer is, of course, yes - but we can always do this from a pre-agreed time, as it is used to cool some parts of dinner.

I do not want to choose a welcome package because the multi-course dinner arrives…
We definitely recommend the welcome package, as it is elegant and provides care, and the guests have something to do for the time of greeting. Moreover, it is not the last point to think of the guests, who may be on their way to the wedding venue for several hours.

Which service type should I choose?
Before you decide on the type of serving, it is worth exploring other things as well - the distance between the venues, the style of the venue, the features of the venue and the possibilities of catering-hinterland. In all cases, our sales colleagues recommend tailor-made service in light of these.

What is hinterland?
For the catering company, there is a preparatory background area for the event, which is a room where we store the various devices and where the finishing operations and serving of the food is done - that is, all the processes needed to serve the guests.

If I choose the buffet table, will there be a long queue?
The question asked by many people, which can cause fear - but you do not have to be frightened. In every case we are preparing a buffet of the right size and quantity. We fill the heaters continuously, so too much chafing is not better, because every meal has to last for 3 hours on the buffet table - so too much warming and started food can be at the expense of quality.

We want to have a buffet dinner and the family's favorite is fried meat, so be sure to ask for it!"
The coat on fried foods softens and dries because of the condensed vapor, so we do not recommend these dishes for buffet dinner, as they are ready for fresh, instant consumption (for served dinner in a’la carte restaurants)  and only in the right quality.

How long does a buffet table meal last?
According to food and health regulations the buffet table can be upheld for a maximum of three hours. So, for example, if dinner starts at 6 pm, guests can try out the different meals until 9 pm.

Will there be someone out from Waldorf on the day of the wedding?
Of course, we will present the banquet manager to the Couples on the occasion of the site visit - he will keep in touch with the service providers and stay there throughout the day of the wedding.

If I want to change the menu, how will the price change?
It depends largely on what items we plan to replace or add to the menu. Depending on these, the price that we calculate individually will change.

Can we bring homemade pastries and cakes for the wedding?
Of course, we do not stop the grandmother's favorite pastries coming to the wedding, but in order to have an easy, comfortable preparation before the Big Day, we suggest to bring max. 1-2 types of pastries which can be an addition to the dessert table, giving the perfect harmony to the trio of decor-catering-venue. So the family doesn’t have to worry on the big day about the delivery of different pastries! :)

The food, left over from dinner will get out again at midnight or can we pack them for the next days?
It used to be a tradition, but nowadays the different health regulations do not allow the packaging - since the food on the buffet table is not in good quality after 3 hours. This also played a major role in trying to recommend as many types as possible of midnight menus, so that every couple would find the right food for themselves, in the best quality.

Are there any other services outside the menu and beverage package?
It is possible to choose from several installations, which you can read more in the Catering section-Installations section.

What does the menu offer include?
Formal table setting is also included in the price, so the formcutlery, various glasses, lighted-up pause menus, white textile tableclothes, and textile-effect napkins, as well as salt and pepper cellars.

When do we need to give the exact number of guests?
The exact number of guests must be given 14 days before the wedding, indicating adults, children (up to 12 years), babies (up to 3 years) and service providers.

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