Waldorf gastronomy

Our main goal is to serve our guests at the highest level. Thanks to our personalized services, care and kindness, couples who come to us can feel like home in any location, and in addition to high-level gastronomy and service, we contribute to the success of the big day.

The Waldorf gastronomy is an extremely exciting alloy that could be best characterized by being both traditional and innovative, a renewed Hungarian cuisine, with French and Italian influences. We take inspiration from the nearly forgotten, but varied and exciting 19th century Hungarian and Transylvanian kitchens, as well as rural French and Italian cooking. Being adventurous spirits, we like to venture into and have experience in different styles of gastronomy, including Middle-Eastern, Thai and Japanese, Scandinavian cuisines.

Our basic endeavor is freshness, both raw ingredients (use of seasonal raw ingredients) and serving (even in case of the biggest events, we prepare and finish the dishes at the last minute immediately before the serving), which ensures the dishes of the best possible texture and taste - all with the 21st century kitchen technology.

Similarly, we believe that environmental consciousness is more important now than ever, we take great care to minimalize our ecologic footprint, regarding transport, waste management and use of energy. We also proudly support Hungarian artisan manufacturers and small farmers, we purchase our raw materials and ingredients directly from them whenever possible.

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