Service types

Below we would like to introduce our preferred ways of serving types. We would like to help you get to know the options for serving dinner with their advantages and disadvantages.

Seated buffet table dinner
Popular choice for elegant and spectacular events, providing a wide variety of food. Your guests can enjoy their meal served on buffet tables, seated at tables for ten to twelve people. Drinks are served right at their seats by our waiters. General food selection: cold and warm dishes, salads, desserts, fruits, bakery products.

Complex gala dinner
A special blend of the gala dinner and the seated buffet table dinner. Similar to the former, guests are seated at specially set tables, where the waiters serve the starters and the soup. The rest of the courses are served on buffet tables, leaving the choice to the guests. The courses that are served lend a frame to the event and provide an opportunity for toasts.
General food selection: starter and/or soup served at the table, buffet table of cold and warm dishes, salads, desserts, fruits, bakery products.

Gala Dinner
The most elegant form of catering, Guests are seated around ten-twelve people tables and are presented with specially served culinary compositions by the waiters. In case of four courses, the duration of the dinner is approximately two hours.
We serve the courses at the most appropriate moment, depending on Your wishes, so you have time to take the gifts and have champagne toasts.

General food selection: specially designed menu for the occasion (4-6 courses).

BBQ dinner
The BBQ parties are informal, relaxed and cozy, and their trademark is freshness, as the main dishes are made on the spot in front of the guests' eyes. Although the food is prepared in an open-kitchen, it does not mean of course a long standing queue, because we also offer meals from chafings, so that everyone can have dinner quickly and comfortably.
General food selection: cold and hot meals, salads, desserts, fruits, bakery products.

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